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Veja como soluções de análise multicanais de dados sobre experiência do cliente da ForeSee estão ajudando os clientes de diversas indústrias a criar uma melhor experiência para seus clientes, gerando resultados reais para seus negócios. Um breve registro é necessário para todos os downloads. Para visualizar nossos estudos de caso por formato, selecione um dos links a seguir:  PDF  |  Vídeo

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ForeSee L’Oréal Paris Case Study

Case Study: L’Oréal Paris

DESCRIPTION: Discover how the world's number one total beauty brand leveraged insights from ForeSee cxMeasure for Web to better connect with consumers and drive brand engagement.

TOPICS: Consumer Products, Web

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Case Study: JEA

DESCRIPTION: The seventh-largest municipal utility company in the U.S. uses ForeSee cxMeasure for Contact Center and cxMeasure for Web to identify key focus areas and reduce cost-per-interaction.

TOPICS: Telecom & Utilities, Contact Center, Web

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Case Study: House of Fraser

DESCRIPTION: Discover how ForeSee cxMeasure for Contact Center helped U.K. retailer House of Fraser save hours of guesswork trying to troubleshoot contact center issues around delivery complaints.

TOPICS: Retail & E-Commerce, Contact Center

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Case Study: Fathead

DESCRIPTION: Specialty retailer Fathead, the leader in licensed sports and entertainment graphics, uses ForeSee cxMeasure for Web to find better ways to serve their customers.

TOPICS: Retail & E-Commerce, Web

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Case Study: PBS

DESCRIPTION: ForeSee cxMeasure for Web helps PBS gain customer-driven insights to evaluate and adjust its digital strategy and create more engaged users.

TOPICS: Media & Entertainment, Web

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Case Study: ABC Television

DESCRIPTION: America’s favorite network uses ForeSee cxMeasure for Mobile to gain critical insights about mobile viewers.

TOPICS: Media & Entertainment, Mobile

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ForeSe Build-A-Bear Case Study | Download Now

Case Study: Build-a-Bear Workshop

DESCRIPTION: ForeSee cxMeasure for Stores is helping experiential retailer Build-A-Bear Workshop determine how certain service aspects of the in-store experience impact sales.

TOPICS: Retail & E-Commerce, Stores, Multichannel

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Case Study: Crocs

DESCRIPTION: Multichannel customer experience insights gained from ForeSee play a fundamental role in shoemaker Crocs’ customer-centric culture and inform the company’s retail strategy at the highest organizational levels.

TOPICS: Retail & E-Commerce, Stores, Web, Contact Center, Multichannel

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Case Study: 3M

DESCRIPTION: ForeSee data helps 3M identify key audience segments and measure and quantify the impact customer experience improvements have on purchase decisions.

TOPICS: Consumer Products, Web

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Case Study: U.S. Bank

DESCRIPTION: U.S. Bank uses ForeSee data to better understand what its customers expect from its web and mobile channels to make meaningful improvements that drive customer satisfaction.

Topics: Financial Services, Web, Mobile, Multichannel

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Case Study: Nutrisystem

DESCRIPTION: Nutrisystem’s website serves as its primary source of revenue and customer acquisition. Discover how ForeSee cxMeasure for Web and cxReplay helped Nutrisystem’s e-commerce team strategically and tactically identify top priorities for improving customer experience.

TOPICS: Consumer Products, Retail & E-Commerce, Web, cxReplay

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Case Study: Stream Energy

DESCRIPTION: ForeSee cxMeasure for Contact Center helps Stream Energy uncover important customer experience insights and drive agent performance.

TOPICS: Consumer Products, Telecom & Utilities, Contact Center

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Estudos de Caso Vídeo


Case Study: StubHub

DESCRIPTION: StubHub leverages ForeSee cxMeasure for Mobile to drive channel strategy changes and increase satisfaction for their mobile users.

TOPICS: Retail & E-Commerce, Mobile

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pear-tree-greetings-logoCase Study: Pear Tree Greetings

DESCRIPTION: Pear Tree Greetings uses ForeSee cxMeasure for Web to make data-driven decisions about pricing strategies that led to increased order sizes and a 15% increase in revenue overall.

TOPICS: Retail & E-Commerce, Web

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adobe-logoCase Study: Adobe

DESCRIPTION: Adobe Systems uses ForeSee cxMeasure for Web and ForeSee’s usability services to supplement behavioral data and create a more customer-focused website experience.

TOPICS: Consumer Products, Web

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hickory-farms-logoCase Study: Hickory Farms

DESCRIPTION: Hickory Farms uses ForeSee cxMeasure across customer touch points to create consistency, inform their omnichannel strategy and increase sales.

TOPICS: Consumer Products, Web, Stores

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Case cars-com-logoStudy:

DESCRIPTION: works with ForeSee to measure customer segments consistently, micro-target tactical changes and shape strategic direction.

TOPICS: B2B, Customer Relationships

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