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Os comentários de pesquisas, pesquisas originais e white papers da ForeSee abordam as melhores práticas com o cliente e examinam os impactos nos negócios da experiência com o cliente sobre a variedade de canais e indústrias. É necessário um breve cadastro para fazer todos os downloads. Para navegar rapidamente pelas nossas soluções para atendimento ao cliente, clique nos links a seguir:  Pesquisas  |  White Papers


Download the ForeSee E-Government Satisfaction Index (Q2 2014)

The ForeSee E-Government Satisfaction Index (Q2 2014)

DESCRIPTION: Every quarter, ForeSee’s E-Government Satisfaction Index shows citizens prefer to get information from federal departments, agencies and programs through digital channels. This quarter’s report provides a complete list and analysis of citizen satisfaction scores for individual federal government websites and ForeSee’s latest Mobile Federal Government Benchmark.

Topics: Government, Web, Mobile

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The ForeSee E-Government Satisfaction Index (Q1 2014)

DESCRIPTION: Are the federal government’s digital initiatives keeping up with rapidly increasing citizen expectations? This report provides a comprehensive reflection of citizens’ experience with the digital arm of the federal government in the first quarter of 2014 and includes citizen satisfaction scores for more than 100 federal websites, comparisons to private-sector satisfaction and details on federal mobile expectations.

TOPICS: Government, Web, Mobile

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The ForeSee E-Government Satisfaction Index (Q4 2013)

DESCRIPTION: How satisfied are citizens with federal government web and mobile sites? This report is a comprehensive reflection of the citizen experience with e-government in 2013.

TOPICS: Government, Web, Mobile

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The ForeSee Experience Index (FXI): 2013 U.K. Retail Mobile Edition

DESCRIPTION: Mobile has grown rapidly as a direct sales channel, but its influence extends even further. We measured the customer experience across the U.K.'s top 10 mobile retail sites and explored how shoppers are using mobile devices to browse, research and purchase goods.

TOPICS: Mobile, Retail & E-Commerce

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The ForeSee Experience Index (FXI): 2013 U.K. Retail Edition

DESCRIPTION: U.K. online retailers experienced the fastest sales growth in more than a decade in 2013. Did their customer satisfaction levels keep pace? Find out why the answer matters more than ever.

TOPICS: Mobile, Retail & E-Commerce

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The ForeSee Experience Index (FXI): 2013 U.S. Retail Edition

DESCRIPTION: Company-level customer satisfaction with the 100 largest online retailers by sales volume is high. But we live in a multichannel world. How do the best retailers on the planet measure up when we look at satisfaction by channel (web, mobile, store and contact center)?

TOPICS: Web, Mobile, Contact Center, Stores, Multichannel, Retail & E-Commerce

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The ForeSee Experience Index: Top 100 Brands Edition

DESCRIPTION: Good customer experiences translate into loyalty, increased sales and recommendations. See how the top 100 brands rank in ForeSee's study, discover how satisfaction is likely to impact the future behaviors of their customers and learn the top drivers of satisfaction for the seven industries we studied.

TOPICS: Web, Mobile, Multichannel

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The ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction Index: Media and Entertainment Edition

DESCRIPTION: Smartphones and tablets are transforming how people digest news, follow sports, and watch TV and movies. While companies must serve advertisers to deliver content, they also must provide satisfying customer experiences to grow revenue. See how 22 U.S. media and entertainment companies with a mobile presence rank.

TOPICS: Mobile, Media & Entertainment

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The ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction Index: Travel Edition

DESCRIPTION: The number of mobile users researching and booking travel on their devices has grown dramatically. See how customers rated the mobile experiences (phones, tablets) of 25 of the top mobile travel sites and apps in the airline, hotel, car rental and online travel agency categories.

TOPICS: Mobile, Travel & Hospitality

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The ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction Index: Financial Services Edition

DESCRIPTION: By 2017, nearly half of all U.S. bank-account holders will use mobile devices for their financial interactions. Now is the time to get the mobile customer experience right! Read how customers rank banks, credit card companies, and brokerage firms today and how financial institutions can improve.

TOPICS: Mobile, Financial Services

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The ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction Index: Retail Edition

DESCRIPTION: As the mobile platform matures and its influence grows, consumer expectations are evolving. The ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction Index, Retail Edition, a scientific benchmark, features an in-depth look at how customers rate their mobile experiences with some of the top U.S. retail companies and explores why satisfaction matters.

TOPICS: Retail & E-Commerce, Mobile

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White Papers

The ForeSee CXA Methodology White Paper

DESCRIPTION: The ForeSee CXA methodology links customer satisfaction directly to financial outcomes, enabling executives and managers to prioritize investments that will have the biggest impact on the customer experience and future business success. This white paper explains our proven methodology in detail.

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Competing on Customer Experience in the Digital Age

DESCRIPTION: Customer experience is the new battleground for companies seeking competitive advantage. This white paper by John Lovett of Web Analytics Demystified describes how to quantify the digital customer experience and use data to move from insight to action.

TOPICS: Multichannel

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Keeping Pace with Mobile: ForeSee’s Five Tips for a Better Mobile Experience

DESCRIPTION: You've created a mobile site or app. Customers are using it. But, is their experience good, or bad? Is it helping, or hindering, your business? ForeSee has measured what matters to mobile customers for years. Here, we share five tips for creating a better mobile experience.

TOPICS: Mobile

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Responsive Design: Optimizing the Customer Web Experience Across Devices

DESCRIPTION: Your company needs a mobile site, but how should you implement it? Is responsive design the answer? It depends. This paper presents some of the issues you should examine carefully as you consider whether to implement responsive design on your site.

TOPICS: Web, Mobile

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